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The British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society ( B.A.R.L.S.) was formed in 22 by GSGB, Steve G Bryan.

As one of Britain's most active lighthouse activators and a keen Pharologist he noted that other
Lighthouse Societies were solely dedicated to the Lighthouses on their own shorelines and had very
little to offer on British Lighthouses without making huge demands on your pocket.

This Society caters for the British Lighthouse Enthusiast although any Amateur or SWL is most welcome to join.

( We have many Overseas Members ).

As a B.A.R.L.S member you will be entitled to the FREE Lighthouse awards.

Membership is absolutely FREE, with NO annual fees, NO subscription charge, and NO demands on your pocket at all.

It is NOT a business, all YOU will ever pay is the postage.

Should you wish to become an active member of B.A.R.L.S. contact G4GSA by EMail or QTHR
to receive your FREE membership number

Membership certificates (printed on leather finish card) and a Members List + General Awards
information is available in a membership package which is
FREE, but to cover postage & packaging
please send 4 x 1st class stamps (or $5 / 5 Euro) with your application as I do NOT intend to cover 
any postage costs at all, especially when in this Society almost everything else is


All correspondence by post to the Society should be accompanied with an SAE if a reply is required.


This is a real hobbyist's society with no aims to make any profit.











For All Latest Lighthouse Activity News, 

BARLS Members, Please Join our Reflector.

(Please NOTE.. Include your Callsign & Membership No# in your request)


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