• Q. What is B.A.R.L.S ?
  • A. B.A.R.L.S. is the "British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society".

It is a Hobbyist Society founded by one of Britain's most active Lighthouse enthusiast Steve G Bryan ~ GØSGB back in 2002.


  • Q. Who are B.A.R.L.S ?
  • A. B.A.R.L.S Members are Radio Amateurs or SWL's who have an active interest in Contacting or Hearing Lighthouses on the Amateur Radio bands.



  • Q. What does B.A.R.L.S do ?
  • A B.A.R.L.S members like to work from or with Lighthouse stations, thus creating Band activity and keeping alive the history of British Lighthouses, which are now sadly ALL Automatic or being sold off Privately.


  • By providing Photographs of the Lighthouses they visit, they are helping to create the Worlds Largest Photographic reference Library. These are achieved for future reference and are often used by Pharological Societies as Pictorial Guides and/or references to Britain's Maritime History.



  • Q. How Much is it to join B.A.R.L.S ?
  • A. NOTHING! Joining B.A.R.L.S is FREE. A membership Number will be allocated to you free of charge.


  • There is a Membership Pack available to members which requires 4x 1st class stamps ($5 or 5 Euro) to cover Postage. The Pack includes a Membership Certificate, Up-to-date Membership List and Information of all the Free Awards which are exclusively available to B.A.R.L.S Members.



  • Q. If I Work/Hear a B.A.R.L.S Member whilst they are overseas will the Lighthouse Count for the Awards ?
  • A. YES! A New Award has been created to cater for this. This will also count towards the "Worked B.A.R.L.S Members Award".



  • Q. DO B.A.R.L.S use Reference Numbers and if so where can I get a List ?
  • A. Reference Numbers are NOT used or required for B.A.R.L.S Awards, but for Amateurs / SWL's working towards other Lighthouse Awards, the Admiralty Reference Number can be used.



  • Q. How does the Membership help support B.A.R.L.S if it is FREE ?
  • A. By supplying Photographs wherever possible of British Lighthouses, which are used in the Library to record the ever changing records on Pharology, also a CD is periodically produced and are available to members.


  • Photographs are returned if so requested.



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