Activated LH's


Sample of "Activated Lighthouses Award" Certificate



Guidelines for Validating Activation of a Lighthouse.

It is NOT necessary to be in a Lighthouse to activate it.



When activating a Lighthouse, Please try to operate as close as is possible to it without breaking any trespass laws, the Lighthouse MUST be in sight.


If activating a Rock Lighthouse, e.g. Beachy Head, again Please try to operate from the nearest point on the coast and within sight of the Lighthouse.

For Island Lighthouses e.g. Longstone, Inner Farne, Coquet etc You MUST be on the Island where the Lighthouse is situated, again with the Lighthouse in sight. Operation of a Island Lighthouse must be from the Named Island to warrant IOTA References or WAB details.


A Photograph of EVERY Lighthouse you activate must be sent to the Society before the Activity is deemed Valid. *These will be returned if so requested.


*Photographs not returned will be Archived for future use.


Your Photographs will be used on the Award Certificates for Stations claiming your activity as part or all of their claims, if they are acceptable.


B.A.R.L.S is based upon TRUST & HONESTY, we trust you to be Truthful when giving out details of your activity, HAM Spirit is paramount.




B.A.R.L.S does NOT accept any liability for loss, damage or injury to Any Person or their equipment during their pursuit of any Lighthouse Activity.


B.A.R.L.S Membership does not give any rights to anyone to access private property during their pursuit of any Lighthouse Activity. PLEASE REMEMBER that some Lighthouses are now Privately Owned, so please wherever possible obtain permissions where applicable before your activity commences.




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